First Press Conference and a relaxed group

Bekatorou, Senfft and Barkow, focused at the first press conference

The sailors were relaxed at tonight’s press conference where Ekaterina Skudina, Sofia Bekatorou, Juliana Senfft and Sally Barkow shared some of their thoughts on the day.

Bekatorou likened her first World Match Race Championship to the challenge of her 2004 successful Olympic bid saying that the pressure to improve is high and that the fleet was already sailing at a very high level.

Senfft spoke about being one of the lightest teams there and Barkow recalled her broach recovery skills in more than one race which was received by laughter from her competitors.

The group is comfortable with eachother and it will show as the racing progresses with a respect found unlike on no other race course.

That’s all for tonight. The Blue Group will complete their final flight tomorrow and then Stage 2 will commence. Another sunny day is in store.

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