Blue Group ready for upsets

Tunnicliffe rounds ahead of Brazil late afternoon

The stacked Blue Group has been sailing hard since 3 p.m. and are not letting up.

Top ranked sailors Le Roy, Tunnicliffe, Barkow and Souter all have won both their matches and someone has to fall when they match up as the sun sets on a breezy Narragansett Bay.

It is early in the stages of this worlds. Competitors are expected to come in by 6:30 p.m., followed by a brief press conference and a debrief then dinner at host Peggy and Lynn Comfort’s home on The Point, in view of today’s course.

Win records from the Red Group are:

McGregor and Spithill at 4 wins, Tulloch alone with 3 wins, Le Berre, Bossard, Osborne and Bekatorou with two wins, Meldgaard with one, and Lehtinen with no wins today.

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